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Jennifer Joy

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The Branch



About the image...

One of those times when the magnificence of something otherwise inconsequential suddenly jumps out at you when you least expect it. Walking through the Botanic Gardens in Perth, enjoying the cool breeze, watching and listening to families from diverse cultural and ethic backgrounds playing on vast expanses of mown grass surrounded by trees and ponds and birdsong and perfumes of flowering gums ... a beautiful, harmonious day.

I turned around and saw this low branch and the perfect-ness of the combination of colours and textures brought tears to my eyes. I wondered if anyone else could see what I could see ... hence the almost classical pictorial representation of this image in the hope that it might encourage others to catch an unexpected glimpse and become more emotionally connected to the everyday beauty that surrounds us.

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Size: 2000mm x 750mm

Other sizes available on request.


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Jennifer Joy


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