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Studio Jay - Original Artworks direct from the artist

Jennifer Joy

Prints, Posters , Stickers for Doors or Walls, & Post Cards
direct from the photographer/image-maker



At the FOX PHOTO DEN ... Upstairs in the old Hurfords Building, near Pirlo's and the rail viaduct in South Lismore .... Exhibition from 11th May 2016.



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New Direction

A totally new direction in my work ... Complexity replaced with bare, down-to-the-bones form, line and colour ... with just enough 3-D influence to make you wonder if you are actually seeing double ... pushing the limits again and still painting with pixels... Smaller, more affordable Prints on Canvas (framed) ... and other stuff as well ... More...

Door Stickers

Some of the amazing door stickers available from Studio Jay:
(standard size = 840mm x 2060mm, but can be redesigned or specifically created to fit custom doors)

sticker for door
Large sticker for door
self adhesive sticker 840x2060mm
840mm x 2060mm door sticker
A few more images ...

Click any of the detail images below to view the full image.

Follow the image links to learn the 'story' behind the image, the dimensions of the finished work and to view close up details from within the work.

Elcho Rocks Rocks and Sand Mother and Child Lost World
Dark Warrior Lakshmi Palm Tree Perth - Detail from image Detail from the image 'Blue'
Studio Jay is a web-based showcase for a diverse range of unique original artworks (images) created by Jennifer Joy (more) and presented for sale, direct from the image-maker, as prints on canvas or foambaord, or printed on other media including fabrics, self-adhesive or non adhesive vinyl, artboard etc, and as high quality posters. Collectable Limited Edition Post Cards of selected images are also available.
Examples of images which reflect A Mirror to the Natural World

original image

original image
original image
original image
All images are created from original photographs of the natural world, predominantly rocks and rock pools, tree trunks and leaves, and landscape photographs - many of which are taken from commercial flights across Australia. The resulting image is often related to mystical or mythological realms, fantasy, magic, folklore and myths ...
From, & Beyond, the Natural World original image original image original image original image
original image original image  
Original photographs are digitally enhanced and manipulated  to create an image which goes beyond that which is usually perceived as the natural world.
Australian Landscapes original image original image original image original image
original image original image original image  
Most images can be printed BIG, over 1 metre high or wide: you can specify the dimension you require for your space, and can be printed on various media including fabrics (some wearable/washable), as stickers, banners, flags etc. Uses include tablecloths, table and wall surfaces, great cushion covers, and are presently being displayed in foyers, boardrooms and offices as well as homes Australia wide.
Directly from the Natural World original image original imagec original image original image
original image original image original image  
Printed size and media can be organised to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to call or email to discuss your requirements: Jennifer Joy 0419 44 55 91 or email:
0012 0624 0627 0873 0892_02.5_72.jpg 0907_02.5_72.jpg 0918_02.5_72.jpg 0947 Rainbow Serpent 1250_02.5_72.jpg 1183_02.5_72.jpg 1257_02.5_72.jpg


PRIVATE VIEWING ... 'No More Than a Metre'

I have selected 35 images and printed them as Mounted Prints (on foamboard) ... Each image is no more than 1 metre high or 1 metre wide (from ... 300mm x 1000mm ... to ... 1000mm x 1000mm).

High quality laminated Posters of the mounted print images and postcards of selected pieces are also available. All images can be re-sized to become stickers for doors or feature walls. Just call me ... 0419 44 55 91.

If you are in the Lismore area (between Byron Bay and Nimbin)and would like to see the images ... please email me for more details and I will be happy to personally show you the mounted prints and posters of these images.


The final works are neither paintings or photographs in the pure sense of either genre, but fall somewhere between the two.

I am an 'image-maker' who 'paints' with pixels.

The image can be printed on canvas using high quality giclee techniques or on a range of fabrics and other media according to your requirements. Washable fabric is also available ... tablecloths, clothing etc with an original design. A less expensive more commercial printing option is avaialbe, but sizes and proportions are limitedto what is commercially available. Talk to me about it ...

Images have been designed to be printed between 1 - 2 metres, but print size is negotiable with most images.

I have been experimenting with producing large stickers suitable for walls or windows, and am presently printing stickers to fit onto doors: an interesting way to dress up a room (especially a loo).

Ever thought of having the pull down blind in a room with an image printed on the blind ... now you see it, now you don't!

Whatever you want, we can work on the project together and find a creative solution.

Images can be produced on archival paper if required, but large images would need to be framed professionally behind glass.

Images are now also available printed on 210 gsm Polypropylene film for indoor use, laminated with a gloss or matt finish, or mounted on lightweight 20mm thick 'artboard', a much less expensive option. Other printing options are available including a range of fabrics ... please let me know what you require.

Please note: Most works available are highly suited for foyer or boardroom or office situations.

Interior Decorator enquiries are invited (more).

Studio Jay already has an extensive range of artworks which can be adapted to suit particular environments and decors; new works can be created on specified themes, or within limited colour/tonal preferences, or within certain size or format restrictions.

Works created specifically for a client will not become part of a limited edition series. Copyright for some works outside limited edition series may be purchased from the artist.

Some images are able to be printed in different tones to those showcased on this website. Some size variations are possible: pricing would become relative to the changed dimensions and will be negotiated on a one to one basis.

If you are interested in any of the artworks shown on this website or would prefer something a little different, please contact me, Jennifer Joy, direct and discuss your preferences.

The images have become very popular amongst the Gamer Commumity and people interested in Fantasy and Science Fiction ... Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Tomb Raider etc.

Contact Details:

Jennifer Joy


PO Box 6296
South Lismore
NSW 2480