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The Watcher





From the realms of myth and fantasy, this image stirs fanciful stories from my imagination ... I have included some of the working notes from my diary as I developed these images ...


the Watcher...   the Watcher


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As I ponder the images of the Watcher I realise that there is something almost mystical in the stoicism of the wizard-like being who has emerged from the rocks yet remains a part of the rocks ... I am caught up in an image which explores an alien environment and a cave-like dwelling from which the Watcher emerges ...


The final statement:

In the full glory of the landscape from which he was born, the Watcher, the High Priest, the Wizard, reigns supreme as demi-gods remain trapped for all eternity within the rocks which form the mighty temple ...



The Beginning:

The Watcher by night is the first of what is sure to become a series ... I know the figure within the image is far more entrenched in his role than to be on duty at night time only - there must be a Watcher by day as well ...




I need to explore the landscape of which the Watcher is an integral part ... an alien landscape where day and night occur simultaneously under the watchful guidance of the High Priest who must remain at his temple to prevent the inevitable destruction should night and day collide without his protection ...





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