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Jennifer Joy

unique artworks created from original photographs,
direct from the photographer/image-maker


Alchemy - Rockpool Mandala



Detail 0055detail


Images #00551, 00552, 00553

As with so many of my works, these images began as a quite ordinary photograph taken in the natural environment, in this case, a small rock pool amongst some relatively common-place rocky outcrop on the South Coast of NSW.

The printed images are 1 metre square and can be printed up to 1.8 metres square as individual pieces, a triptych, or could be combined to create a continuous canvas 3m x 1m (up to 5.4m x 1.8m for the 3 images).

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Detail  0055detail

Image size:

1000mm x 1000mm

Other sizes available on request.


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Jennifer Joy


PO Box 6296
South Lismore
NSW 2480