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If you have ever been to Stradbroke Island you will immediately recognise the rusted out skeleton of the Maheno which was shipwrecked on the island in 1935 (more information). I first visited the island in the late 1970s and took countless photographs of the wreck, utterly fascinated with the colours and textures. Many of these photographs were included in my exhibition 'Branches' at the Regional Gallery in Lismore, NSW in 1982. Almost 30 years later I was was back on the island and able to photograph what was left of the wreck.

Thanks to Photoshop this time I was able to REALLY play around with the composition of the images to highlight the textures, shapes, and magnificent colours I photographed. I have presented 6 images herein ... from the almost traditional to the surreal landscape, to the stylised representations of the long term effects of sea, salt, wind, sand, rain, waves ... and tourists...

I have included detailed close ups with each of the larger versions of each image.

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