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Jennifer Joy

unique artworks created from original photographs,
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#0869 ... The Lady of Shallot

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#08691 #08694


Size: 08691: 1380mm x 800mm

Size: 08694: 1000mm x 1000mm

Other sizes available on request.

Printed on:
A range of fabrics including Satin and Canvas,
other media such as Artboard and Polypropylene film,
or printed to suit your specifications.

Can be adapted to create a full size sticker for walls, room dividers, the back of a door, or as a roll-up blind.

Washable fabrics available.

About the image...

The original image was an amalgamation of several photographs taken over a period of 2-3 minutes (approximately 50 kilometres on the ground) ...  a series of rivers fanned out over a vast area to become huge mud flats ... exquisite lines and contours that demanded far more than a 'straight' pictorial representation.

Hours of playing and maneuvering and tweaking and colouring-in and two beautiful figures began to emerge from the landscape ... sleeping angels is how I originally saw them (image #08691) ... then as I pondered, imaginative rememberings of Tennyson's poem 'The Lady of Shallot' came flooding in ... the tower, the window, the mirror, the boat and the river, and that ill-fated lady who chose her own death in order to follow the callings of true love rather than continuing to live an empty life limited to the reflected world ... such are the images I delight in discovering within this powerful image (#image 08694).

The completed images haunt me still as I find more and more connections between the created images and the wonderful story of that mystical lady of King Arthur's court.

I wonder what it is that you will see?

detail of image 0012 detail image 08691      detail image 08694


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Jennifer Joy


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