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Mother and Child


Mother and Child


About the image...

The eternal image ‘Mother and Child’ ... Earth-Mother and all the other respectful and awe inspired names given to a subject matter which has been retold throughout history as the ultimate expression of all that is good and sacred in life ...

This self-portrait with my first-born expresses my experience of motherhood... I look down protectively upon a son who is already looking out into the world which will become his. I hold him with care, but he is able to find his own place in the world even though all of his physical needs are catered for from within my arms.

For me, holding my babies in my arms was unquestionable proof beyond a doubt that all mothers are sisters ... and that all children born of a mother are truly and unquestionably brothers and sisters... perhaps the greatest lesson I have learnt in my life ... I see my adult sons now and hold my grandchildren in my arms and know that there is still great hope for humanity ... it is my impatience that is beginning to show.

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Size: 1000mm x 670mm

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