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Elcho Rocks


Elcho Rocks


About the image...

Elcho Island, far away island off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, located at the southern end of the Wessel Islands group located in the East Arnhem Region. Approximately 55km long and 6km across at its widest point, the island is bounded on the western side by the Arafura Sea and on the east by the Cadell Strait.

We spent a day in a small boat.
We fished in crystal clear blue blue waters.
We saw turtles and sharks and strange creatures which might have been fish.
We picnicked on a tiny island on ancient land where hardly any white people would ever have stepped.
The rocks along the shoreline of this tiny dot of dirt in the sea were ancient and beautiful beyond words.

A truly mystical and overwhelming experience. Elcho Rocks ...



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Size: 1000mm x 670mm

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