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Stickers for Doors

How they work ..

High quality vinyl stickers can be created in whatever size you require for a specific door. You will need a flat clean surface to apply the sticker. I recommend you make the sticker smaller than the door and apply a border over the sticker to finish the effect. The border could be timber frame material, car detailing adhesive tape, or even something as outrageous as rope or LED lighting or any other product which can be attached to the surface to make your door something really special.


attaching a sticker to a door panel
door sticker
High quality vinyl sticker is carefully adhered to the door panel
Above & below:
Completed doors with timber architraves
Dramatic doorway
door with sticker

Examples of images which have been modified to become stickers for doors ...

original image of plant used as sticker for door


Self adhesive high quality vinyl sticker.
Image: Bat Plant (yes, it's a real plant!)


Door to Eternity. Door from a black and white ceramic tiled games room.


doorway to eternity: door sticker by Jennifer Joy
Door sticker - Blue
Door Sticker based on the Lady of Shallott image
Door Sticker - Buddha design
Modified version of 'Epiphany'
'The Lady of Shallot' (including entire poem in central panel)
Personalised modification of 'Lakshmi' image
Door Sticker based on the Perth Palms design
Door Sticker based on the Alchemy series
Door Sticker - Heartland design
Based on the 'Perth Palms' image
Amalgamation of the 'Alchemy' Series
Adapted from 'Heartland' image

Call me to discuss your ideas or requirements ... together we can create a brilliant door sticker just for you ...


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