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Jennifer Joy

unique artworks created from original photographs,
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#0411, 04112, 04113

A brief stop at Innisfail



Image 0411

Image 04112

Image 04113


We had a job in Innisfail and we stopped to look at the river. As happens, we parked beside a small tree and I didn't ever get down to the river ... this image was created from the trunk of that tree ... moss, texture, colours ... an ordinary little tree at first glance, but when one really looks another universe is revealed ... images 04112 and 04113 are black and white interpretations from the original photographs which highlight the line and textures within this image.

If this textured tree bark image appeals, you might also be interested in 'the Branch' ... image 00321.

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Image 0411:

Image size: 1000mm X 1650mm

Images 0412 and 04112:

Image size: 1000mm X 1000mm each

Other sizes available on request.









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