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From a Distance



About the image...

From the 2007 exhibition - Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape (background information).

Original image:


Fascinated for years by close-up photographs of tiny critters that exist within a drop of water, or outrageously surreal bacteria, or dust-mites that share our beds, I was astounded to see ‘drawings’ of such creatures etched into the barren landscape so far below the plane in which I was traveling. The original print is basically untouched - what you see is what was seen. Faces, shapes, animals, insects, fish, even a whale and several cartoon-like characters, and heaps more … drawn by the landscape itself, but only discernable from a great height.

The similarity to some Aboriginal painting styles does not go unnoticed – then comes the question, if the ancient drawings were inspired by such natural phenomenon, how did those incredible artists get to be high enough above the surface to see the shapes and become so inspired? … then the imagination goes berserk and all sorts of scenarios crowd the brain, and the truth, though it may be out there, will probably not be defined and acknowledged in my time, if ever…

The final print has been colour enhanced and tweaked here and there then turned upside down to enhance the surreal-ness of how the actual experience of seeing this landscape for the first time left me ... not really knowing where, or when, I was ...


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detail from image 0624-3a


Image size: 500mm x 700 mm

Other sizes available on request.



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