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Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape

Above the Australian Landscape :

# 0627

Random landscape images photographed from various commercial airliners were completely dependant upon the where and when of immediate work requirements. There has been little to no control as to actual flight paths, seat allocation, time of day or night, whatever weather conditions, cloud cover, or even if the window was clean or dirty or covered in smears, scratches, ice crystals or condensation.

'As with life, one makes the most of what is given: invariably, every outcome is a blessing in its own right.'

0947 Rainbow Serpent


Beyond the Australian Landscape :

The infinite diversity of the Australian landscape when viewed from above may strike a chord within the human psyche but the quality of any photographic image of a complex landscape hundreds or thousands of feet below, taken through layers of thick plastic, is far from ideal.

Enhancement of the original image by means of digital manipulation facilitates the generation of a physical impression of the impact evoked by the actual experience. Emotions and colourful imaginings revealed during the creative process challenge the humdrum of everydayness which is our lot whilst limited to the ‘traditional’ ground-level landscape.  

‘The observed landscape below becomes a narrow continuous conveyor belt of shapes and colours and textures which stir the imagination into a frenzy of images and emotions which defy verbal expression...’



The Bigger Picture:

Just as recognisable shapes are easily discerned in clouds or a starlit sky, or grotesque faces appear within rosebud-encrusted wallpaper, order of some sort forces its way through that which is seen.
The human brain sees and appreciates such things as they are, but it does not take long before other shapes or stories or questions arise when continually observing the meandering path of a river, or the never-ending parallel folds of a mountain range which abruptly transforms itself into a flat barren desert as far as can be seen, or the chaotic waters-edge of a lake hidden within a mountain range in the middle of god knows where, or the abrupt changes in colours of a landscape below where salt has eeked its way to the surface of long lost lakes or dry riverbeds and bleached random shapes in an otherwise desolate landscape.

That which is becomes more than it was: the human mind has taken the actual landscape beyond itself and into another realm to become something above and beyond the Australian landscape.

Every piece in this series began as a photograph of a real place: it exists somewhere. People may live there, work there, and die there. But most locations shown are extremely remote and may have only ever experienced the presence of a mere handful of humans in the tens of thousands of years since the landscape was first walked upon by the earliest inhabitants of this land. From above this forever-landscape it is easy to get lost in day-dreams of ‘I wonder who...’ or ‘I wonder if...’ #1257
‘I invite you to look deeply within the images presented and find your own story and responses with unknown and unknowable aspects of this great land in which we may live but never belong without first developing a personal relationship beyond the immediate environment.’

About the image-maker:

Jennifer Joy has been taking photos since childhood and has worked as a photographer in the television and live theatre industries. Public exhibitions include 10 North Coast Photographers, and Reflections (Lismore Regional Gallery), and most recently, 'Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape', at Armistead's Gallery, Lismore.

Since discovering digital photography her world has expanded beyond comprehension: ‘no more weeks hidden away in a darkroom to produce that one creation so real in the minds eye, so elusive when dependent upon an enlarger and chemicals, locked within claustrophobic isolation. (More)

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