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Jennifer Joy

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#0873 ... A Glimpse of Eternity

Click the image (or here) for a larger view and details from with the image...

a brief encounter with eternity


Size: 1400mm x 1000mm

Other sizes available on request.

Printed on:
A range of fabrics,
Polypropylene film,
or to your specifications.

Washable fabrics available.

About the image...

From the 2007 exhibition - Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape (background information).

Not really a landscape, but very much a part of the Australian landscape - diffused sunlight filters through or is blocked by clouds which seem like an alien land in their own right when viewed from high above. This image portrays just one element of the awesome majesty of all that is the physical world upon which we dwell.

A moment in time, cloud shapes transform themselves endlessly, but the experience of being touched by a view of the heavens inspires and reinforces an intuitive sense of the irrelevance of petty concerns that tend to dominant our moment in time.

Endless sky, in all its manifestations, and a momentary encounter with eternity…


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Jennifer Joy


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