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Jennifer Joy

unique artworks created from original photographs,
direct from the photographer/image-maker


About the image...

From the 2007 exhibition - Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape (background information).

The landscape below was flat and arid for as far as the eye could see, then in the far distance what seemed a deep scar. As we approached the scar was discerned as a tightly twisted watercourse that took the most convoluted route possible in order to move forward in a relatively straight line.

The thought process went along the lines of "...a bit like 21st century ‘first-world’ society really … if there is a difficult way to get somewhere and there is an opportunity to make a wider impression than is really necessary to achieve a result, then go for it."

But when working with this image I craved for a less biased view of that which was initially perceived, and began to take a more dispassionate look from afar, looking at the same thing from different angles, putting it all together in different ways, and suddenly a new perspective became a possibility.

The judgmental negative frame of mind was transformed with the emergence of a sitting Buddha … brought me back to a preferred way of being in the world.

Others see quite a different element in this image ...

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0907 detail of image


Image size: 700mm x 1500mm

Other sizes available on request.


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