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Rainbow Serpent

0947 Rainbow Serpent


About the image...

From the 2007 exhibition - Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape (background information).

When flying above inland Australia there are periods where there is little change in the landscape for some period of time … and then there are some of the most spectacular scenes which turn on the imagination and challenge the rational mind. From above, the photographed water system far below appeared as a diagram showing complex veins and arteries across a vast tract of seemingly flat land.

Yet all I could I think about were long remembered ancient aboriginal stories of the great Rainbow Serpent who moves across this great land … and my inner child wondered 'could this be what I have photographed - the Great Rainbow Serpent?' and if so, once again I have to ask my grown-up self how it is that the great forebears of the ancient people of this land were able to see such sights when they should have been bound to the earth, as we were before 'flying' became an everyday event … 

The image you see is as the reality of the landscape was on the day – only the colours have been embellished.

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0947_5x5_72.jpg detail of image



Image size: 1000mm x 450mm

Other sizes available on request.


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