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Forever View ... Variations of a Theme

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About the image...

From the 2007 exhibition - Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape (background information).

From a distance it seemed so beautiful but as we flew closer I could see that the beauty, real as it is, was not all it appeared: this beauty had come at quite a cost.

There was a sense of shameful nakedness about the landscape: deep contours so long hidden by their abundant forest garb now lay fully exposed. In hidden crevices where shade would fall green tree canopies retained some sense of modesty. Out in the open the blistering heat of a relentless sun has struck its most painful blow on a drought-ridden landscape - all that now remains is a forest of match-stick trunks, their plight made more visible by the remaining shaded fragments.

Yet there was water in the rivers that flowed through the mountains ... if only that water to go higher and provide some relief to the dying trees ... but rivers don't flow up hill - except perhaps in Escher's drawings (view).

There is something about this image that appeals to me - there is a peacefulness ... and a sense of optimism grows within me - it is as if the land knows and understands ... that which now is, is not the forever of all time. Rain will come. Green leaves will once again shoot from the sticks that once were mighty ... Branches will grow, and a renewed protective canopy will shade the naked earth ... and the cycle will continue...

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Image 12502:

Image size: 400mm x 1000mm

Image 1250:

Image size: 300mm x 700mm

Other sizes available on request.


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