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Jennifer Joy

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lake hidden in a secluded mountain range p a tepestry of colour and line


About the image...


From the 2007 exhibition - Above & Beyond the Australian Landscape (background information).

Just as all roads lead to Rome, it seems that all rivers flow to the hidden lake ... an alien landscape that conjures memories of a lost land ... what creatures live in such a place - no sign of civilization or the presence of modern day humans, just the mountains, the gorges, the rivers and the great golden lake into which they focus all their attentions and resources.

What sacred objects might lie within the waters? What sacred ceremonies may have occurred on the point all but surrounded by the mystical waters. What mystical artifacts might be buried in the silt below the golden waters?

Amazing what the mind can do when you are on a long trip...



Image size: 50cm x 83cm


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Jennifer Joy


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